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CRACK ISLAND by Peter Nolan Smith

Crack cocaine swept across the Lower East Side in the summer of 1986. East 11th Street between Avenue B and C on the Lower East Side of New York was the destination of choice for its adherents and hundreds of crack zombies lined the sidewalk before the tenement building on the corner of Avenue B […]

The Romance Of Blow

The 1970s were a beautiful time. And so were the 80s. And I liked it.

Waiting For My Man

The year was 1997. The night New Year’s Eve at the Helmuth Building on West 18th Street and 7th Avenue. The party was hosted by my good friend, Juliana, and music provided by her music fanatic ex-husband. A Chelsea loft filled with old jazz musicians, real estate moguls, and a crew of Italian visitors. The […]

Don’t Run Don’t Walk

My position on drug legalization has been well-stated over the years, however I am not naive enough to ignore the problems besetting those using drugs in extreme or the people surrounding them, mostly innocent family members or neighbors. Pot is no longer pot. It’s turbo-powered skunk. I don’t smoke that mutant shit. Blow is a […]

DANCE DANCE DANCE by Peter Nolan Smith

After sunset AK, Pam, Helen, Flo, Rockford, and I ate a vegetarian dinner with Farmer Bob. The young Californian tended to the flower plantation surrounding the bungalow. We drank five bottles of cheap wine and smoked his homegrown pot. Farmer Bob believed in nature’s way. The seven of us danced to the music on the […]