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MISSILE AWAY by Peter Nolan Smith

During his youth my older brother was a pyromaniac. Frunk nearly burned down each of our houses and those of our neighbors on several occasions. Each time my mother punished us both with a wooden spoon and my father sternly admonished our incendiary behavior, yet my older brother was undeterred by cracks across the knuckles […]


Phillip Brook came from Tasmania. We met in Paris during the 1980s. He was a journalist and hardcore junkie also a little queer, not that I minded, because queers were much more fun than straights in Boston, New York, or the City of Lights. We worked together for several magazines and journals. He was a […]

Drones Over DC

It’s winter in the Hindu Kush. The high temperature in Kabul will hit 42 F around noon. Sunny skies will afford the US drone operators excellent down-ground vision over Taliban territoryty. They are also seeking targets throughout the world to exact a deadly toll on the enemies of America with a lethal tool. According to […]

NO REST FOR THE WICKED by Peter Nolan Smith

Eight years after leaving the USA I left Thailand in May of 2008. My internet business had been wiped out by the shrinking dollar. Being broke in New York was not fun and at the month’s end I bussed up to Boston to celebrate my birthday. That night my brother-in-law, she, and I ate homemade […]

No Sleep In Space

NASA conducted the first fly-by of MArs in 1965. The Mariner 4 orbited the Red Planet sending back photos as well as measuring factors of Space for future missions. Communications with the satellite ceased on the winter solstice of 1967, however the US space agency continued to explore the distant planet with unmanned robots. At […]