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A STEP INTO TOMORROW by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the 1970s crime and arson had depopulated the Lower East Side. Rebellious young white people fled their suburban hometowns to find freedom in the East Village. I escaped Boston in a stolen car and my hillbilly girlfriend joined me from West Virginia in Spring of 1977. Her best friend, was another scrawny brunette […]

Heading To Virginia

Last Thursday I headed south to Virginia. I was marrying Paige and Stephen. In Richmond. The bus ran at 70 through New Jersey. It was a boring ride. I hate Bruce. I hate THE SOPRANOS. I hate the Jersey Shore. I fell asleep. I woke up at the Delaware River. I went back to sleep […]

169 Bar Free

The filth from the 7th Precinct attempted to close the 169 Bar for underage drinking. Their case fell apart, since the investigating officers had faked IDs to get into the bar. The judge threw them out of court and Charles Hanson and his staff are ready to serve their clientele seven days and nights a […]

Revenue Pirates

Two days ago I bicycled over to Chinatown. All the restaurants were closed after the storm, however one store was selling box lunches to the powerless neighborhood. Within minutes health inspectors descended on this violators of the health code and forced customers to give back their food without a refund. Fucking city. It’s back to […]

169 Bar Chinatown NYC

My friends don’t really go to bars. The older ones hit bed early and the young ones like trendy nightspots, leaving me to wonder whether there are any bars for drinkers in this city. Luckily I’ve found a few that haven’t been ruined by slummers or hipsters, mostly because their remote locations protect them from […]