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The Fairy Village of MackWorth Island

In May of 2012 I traveled north to Maine with my sister and her husband. Our destination was their cabin on Watchic Pond. David and I installed the dock in the frigid water as mosquitos attacked our flesh. The entire operation lasted an hour and neither of us complained about the cold. We even celebrated […]

Pope Evil The 12th

I was baptized a Catholic in June of 1952. My Aunt Gloria held her godson before the fount, as I cried incessantly, as the priest called for my renouncement of Satan and all his works. Auntie Gloria answered for me. “Yes, I thereby renounce Satan and all his works.” No one said anything about the […]

Nuns for Nope

Pope Benedict has a ticking bomb in his closet. As a German bishop he presided over the investigation of a pedophile priest. Over 200 boys were counted as his victims and like an iceberg more are thought to have been molested by this man. His punishment was to be transferred to another church without any […]

The Bane of the Catholic Church

Last year John Mark Carr was arrested in Bangkok for the murder of the 8 year-old Colorado beauty queen. The US media conducted a full-coverage blitz on the pedo-epidemic in Thailand. Placards from the US Government sprouted on telephone poles in Pattaya, warning American adult men against having sex with anyone under 17. The FBI […]