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2017 February

A snow day. Eight inches and more. Everyone took a snow day. The white snow covered all of Fort Greene. I traveled north to Catskill on the Hudson. Every miles brought me to the grasp of winter. The Hudson River flowed in the light of the setting sun. Charlotta met me at the station and […]

ADAM AND EVE by Charlotta Jansen

Charlotta Jansen at the Sphinx Gallery in London tonight with her painting ‘Adam & Eve, Greene County, GA 1941’. She is one of 30 artists up for the Young Masters Prize. I love her work. 125 Kensington Church St London W8 7LP United Kingdom +44 20 7313 8040

CARDBOARD NOIR by Shannon Greer and Charlotta Janssen

Earl looked out the window. Grady’s gang was out on the street. The mobster wanted his moll. Helen was safe in the hotel room. The shadows on Broadway offered too many endings to this story. I hit the pavement running. My gat was good for one-on-one. I needed serious back-up to deal with a gang. […]

8 Years

My good friend Shannon and his lovely wife celebrated eight years together. We had a drink at a Myrtle Street bar. “I have to ask you. Sex must be boring, so why don’t we have a menage a trois?” “I’m game,” Charlotta replied without hesitation. “Tonight?” “Errr.” I was in no condition for sex, especially […]

Nightstalking Bed-Stuy

Friday night I attended a Protest Art opening curated by Richard Beavers at his House of Art Gallery. Its location was not in Midtown, Chelsea, Soho, or the Lower East Side, but at 408 Marcus Garvey Boulevard in Bedford-Stuyesant, a Brooklyn neighborhood for its famed motto ‘Bed-Stuy, do or die’. Little Harlem fell on hard […]