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Roads To Nowhere Catskills

The Catskills are less than two hours from Dutchess County, so when my host in Millbrook suggested a road trip to visit friends across the Hudson on a splendid September morning, I was all green lights. Andrew’s wife opted out of the journey. Her kids were a handful on long rides. We set off after […]

2017 February

A snow day. Eight inches and more. Everyone took a snow day. The white snow covered all of Fort Greene. I traveled north to Catskill on the Hudson. Every miles brought me to the grasp of winter. The Hudson River flowed in the light of the setting sun. Charlotta met me at the station and […]

Thomas Cole’s View

Thomas Cole painted scores of landscapes during mid-1800s. Some of them are the view from his studio in the town of Catskill. I’ve stood on the porch of his house at Cedar Farm. The vista remains the same. Splendid any time of the year.