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Accidents Thai Style

Pattaya’s roads are tattooed by spray-painted outlines of bodies and tires. Directional arrows indicate how the accident occurred without attributing blame to any of drivers. Many foreigners fear that they would always be at blame for a fender-bender, yet this shouldn’t be the case, if you follow a few rules of courtesy and patience during […]

Car Crash In Snow Stupid Funny

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6_ghixVN78&feature=related I don’t know where these people are going, but they obviously haven’t heard about sitting out a storm.

Thieves like Duh

I can’t remember which commandment belongs to ‘thou shalt not steal’. I’ll guess #6. I agree with this rule, for aside from being karmically wrong, the rewards of theft are outweighed by the negatives. Why? Because people make mistakes and two heads are not smarter than one and three are stupider than two. The proof comes […]