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Flowers are exploding all across the East Village community gardens. The temperature is in the 90s. The air in our apartment has no oxygen. The streets only have a little more. Alice and I have lived together for the last month. I haven’t worked a day. Alice is heading home to West Virginia for Labor […]

EVERYWHERE by Peter Nolan Smith

My older brother and I went everywhere with our parents. We drove from Hingham to Maine, Watchic Pond to Boston, Falmouth Foresides to the South Shore. There were thousands of trips with my mother and father. Nowadays Frunk and I live far apart. We haven’t been in a car together for over ten years, but […]

The Weirs Of Wychmere

Weir fishing has existed since time immemorial. In 1913 subway excavators discovered ancient wooden fishing weirs dating back 3500 years, although recent research suggests that the Back Bay site had existed almost 9,000 years ago and supported 30-50 families. The melting glaciers on the Laurentian Granite Shield changed the influx of tides and the native […]


Summer ended in 1966 on a Cape beach with me dancing with a girl on the last day of our vacations. WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN played on a radio. Her father beeped the horn. She kissed me and ran to the car. The back of station wagon was packed high. I never saw […]

SUNNY by Bobby Hebb

Bobby Hebb’s SUNNY was a massive hit during the summer of 1966. I sang it to a beautiful blonde 13 year-old girl on a Cape Cod beach. We stood barefoot in the sand. Sally had blonde hair. The sun was setting into the sea. It was the last week of August. Tomorrow the weekly vacationeers […]