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SPEAKING WITH SEALS by Peter Nolan Smith

August turned hot in San Diego. Floe and I slept outdoors under the stars. Two sleeping bags served as our mattress and a single sheet covered our bodies throughout the night. I told her everything. After recounting the fight with the junkie thieves in Haight-Ashbury, she said, “You scare me.” “Why?” I was telling her […]

THE FIRST TEN MILES by Peter Nolan Smith

May 24, 1974 began as a warm morning in Boston. Pale blue swathed the sky from east to west. It was a good day to start a long trip. My friend AK, a blonde nursing school co-ed, and I traveled by the trolley to Jamaica Plains. We got off at Boynton Street and walked down […]

135 IN THE SHADE by Peter Nolan Smith

In the last week of August AK and I left Southern California on a cloudless morning. Our long vacation had come to an end. Victor drove us over the Hollywood Hills east out of the Valley. AK and the dancer sat in the front of the Mercedes convertible. I couldn’t hear their conversation with the […]

TAKE ME by Peter Nolan Smith

The summer of 1972. Seal Beach south of LA. My college friend and I were staying at his cousin’s beach house. We liked drinking in the dive bar on the PCH. Fish swan underneath a sheet of glass. We thought that was cool. Both of us were 19. Two nights before out departure for San […]

BLACK ROSES by Clear Light 1967