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Bullshitters Unite

Last week Francois Nel reported on his blog that more people work in Public Relations than as journalists. He added that the same goes for the USA and that PRs earn 40% more a year on average than journalists. Public Relations agents or flaks tell people what to think and journalist tells people their version […]

CIA BS War On Terrorism

9/11 has always been hinky for me. US Intelligence techniques love the ‘sting’ and I’ve always thought that the attack on the WTC and Pentagon was an deep-cover intel op left too long on the burner. 9/11 was never supposed to go that far, but someone up the chain of command said, “Let’s see where […]

Iowa Caucus 2012

Tomorrow marks the earliest Iowa Caucus since its debut in 1972. No Democrat is challenging President Obama, but a field of seven GOP candidates are vying for the nomination. The three front-runners are comprised of Milt Romney, a moderate, Ron Paul, a radical libertarian, and Rick Santorum from the extreme right.The other participants have failed […]