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Na zda-ró-vye Nyet

Soviet Russia attempted three times to curtail alcohol consumption. The last temperance movement was in 1985-1987 under Mikhail Gorbachev. Vodka and other spirits were rationed throughout the USSR and public drunkenness was punished by prison time. The loss of tax revenue was in the hundreds of billions of rubles and this economic shortfall led to […]

Nyet To Dancing In Church

Music has been associated with religion since time immemorial. Hindus have sung songs to their pantheon of gods, Sikhs ragas are an integral part of their worship, and the the ancient Temple in Jerusalem rang with the voices of Levitical choir. Even Islam allowed melodic chants in Mecca, however this week a Moscow court had […]

Macho Man Putin

Pattaya Thailand is packed with fitness buffs beefing up their muscles. Many of these foreigners devote hours at the gym to reanimate forgotten muscles. Others short-cut the demanding regime by shooting up steroids. Rippling musculature within weeks and a smaller penis too. They combat penile dysfunction with ingestions of Viagra and snort ketamine to calm […]