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No Se Olvide L’Alamo

On March 6, 1836 thousands of Mexican troops under General Santa Ana stormed the Texas stronghold of the Alamo. None of the defenders were shown mercy and to this day Texans rally to the cry ‘Remember the Alamo’. On Monday Governor Rick Perry announced the mobilization of the National Guard to conduct air and ground […]

Shoot Shoot Shoot

GOP VP wannabe Sara Palin coined the campaign phrase ‘drill, drill, drill’ to highlight her belief that America’s woes could be solved by drilling for oil yesterday, today, and tomorrow with the frozen Bering Sea targeted for immediate exploitation. Her supporters picked up the chant without realizing that commodity speculation by investment banks and Wall […]

Fun without Borders

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, yet millions of men visit the nation to meet women. The whole world has heard of such sex entrepots as pattaya and nana Plaza, but few realize that the trade exists within the country and at the borders too, especially to the south beneath the restive province of Pattani and […]

Where is Thailand?

The re-alignment of the Cambodian-Thai border at cliffside temple of Preah Vihear has ignited a firestorm of anger against the PM Samak’s ruling coalition government , especially as this shift of the frontier appears to be benefiting Samak’s puppet master, Ole Blue Eyes Shinawatra, thanks to the less-than-transparent dealings of the former PM’s lawyer in […]