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Inspiring Muse

The winter sun dropped to the west of Greenpoint. The tenement bricks glowed red under a cold spring sky. I climbed the stairs to a small studio showing small paintings of Walter Robinson. I nodded to Lisa and the artist. They seemed very much in love. Really. Walter’s painting were not self-portraits, but studies of […]

Beautiful Gerry Vasco @ AMP Gallery Provincetown

AMP Gallery is very pleased and excited to invite you to an Opening Reception June 10, 6-9 PM of photographs and videos by Bobby Busnach, David Macke, Alice O’Malley, Ethan Shoshan, Gail Thacker, Conrad Ventur, Jamie Casertano, Bobby Miller, David Chick, and Shaari Neretin! The Opening will also feature a special performance by Billy Hough […]

Blonde On Pink bobby busnach

4-7-07. PHOTO BY BOBBY BUSNACH — with maya luz and bobby busnach photographe

Bobby 4Q

Bobby Busnach sending a message to Mitt Romney from the distant past. 4Q.

Wernersville Home For Wayward Boys

The Boston photographer Bobby Busnach posted this entry on FB Wow this was a small part of wernersville state hospital, which was on a large grounds with maybe 9 old huge buildings with tunnels underneath that connected the buildings. the three shots of a building with a 9 sign on them was the young adult […]