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Chain Of Command

Donald Trump’s desire to be with beautiful women is neither a sin nor a crime. His ties to Jeffery Weinstein, the dead pedophile kingpin, have not tarnished support amongst his MAGA followers, who wish they were like # 45. Rich, powerful, and his hands on young flesh. Trump knows the best way to cover his […]

Pizza In The Oval Office

In November 1995 a conservative GOP-controlled Congress shut down America and that weekend a blizzard isolated the President in the Oval Office. Bill Clinton faced down this crisis by ordering a take-out pizza and thirty minutes later a buxom 21 year-old intern delivered the pizza to the Oral Office. Her name was Monica Lewinsky. As […]

OLD BILL NEXT TO ME by Peter Nolan Smith

New York’s Plaza Hotel has been a world-famous destination for decades and its 2008 reinvention as a condo-palace and demi-hotel failed to tarnish the reputation of Grand Lady on 5th Avenue. While the newly opened Retail Plaza in the basement had been an abject failure, the Oak Bar continued to attract power brokers, celebrities, and […]

The Importance Of Size

Judging from the number of spam emails that I have received over the years about adding length and girth to a penis, I would have to assume that the typical porno-surfing male’s sense of inadequacy is much greater than their anxiety of hair loss, obsession with obesity, and fear of impotency. Most online XXX films […]

Oral History Of Presidential Fellatio

On January 17, 1998 Matt Drudge broke the news that President Clinton had asked Newsweek to kill a story about his affair with an intern. Her name was Monica Lewinsky. The Big Press ignored the scoop from an Internet free-lancers, however the story featuring President-pizza-intern-cigars-sex created its own audience. “Mr. President, if there is a […]