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Pattaya By Foot

Pattaya offers locals and tourists many forms of transportation, but at one point you must walk from a vehicle to your destination. The uneven levels of the sidewalks, missing grates, and the errant baby elephant require constant alertness and courtesy is a valued asset along Beach Road, where stalls protruded into the public walkways and […]

End of the Month Crackdown Beach Road in Pattaya

Sam Royalle is planning to open up the Ban Suay Go-Go on Walking Street. He offered me the position of manager. The pay was better than my salary on 47th Street. “You speak Thai, understand the culture, and have worked bars before. You’re perfect for the job.” Sam texted the message over Skype. “More like […]

Fun Fat Farangs on Pattaya Beach

Thailand is the Land of Smiles and pedestrians on Beach Road were granted more than a smile this weekend, as two fat farangs exceeded the boundaries of decency by coupling au natural with their lady companions in plain view. Once these obese libertines realized that they had an audience, they re-clothed in their expansive garments […]