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Bastille Day 1789

2 July 1789 The Bastille – Paris The Marquis De Sade was in the stone fortress on charges of perversion. In the afternoon a prisoner cried from his window. “Ils tuent les prisonniers.” The guards subdued the inmate, but his words sparked a smoldering rumor and the rumor spread through the poor neighborhood awaiting a […]

Les Frogs

Most Americans have an unfavorable attitude toward the French. This antipathy is based on the abuse many US tourists have suffered from dismissive Paris waiters during their weeklong summer vacation. Few of my countrymen realize that these garcons are rude to their own countrymen as well as any estrangers. That is not to say that […]

A Bad Bastille Day In NIce

Last night I was at the 169 with Larry and he said, “Someone attacked a Bastille Day celebration in Nice with a truck.” “Truck?” Waldo asked on the other side of Larry. “Yes, a big lorry.” Larry was originally from England. Waldo whipped out his phone and connected to the internet. CNN was reporting over […]

Come celebrate Bastille Day at Chez Oskar’s 20th Anniversary

Come celebrate Bastille Day at Chez Oskar’s 20th Anniversary Celebration and our 2nd year in Bed-Stuy. Our July 14th Brunch begins at 12 noon We’ll fete ‘Liberté Egalité Fraternité’ throughout the day with fine food, great wine, song, and petanque. From 7pm to 10 pm enjoy the enchanting music of Blue Dalhia – warm and […]

# 45 In Paris

Paris is eternal. A city separated by the Seine. Blessed by beauty. Home to people of all races. Welcoming every in the world to visitone of the greatest cities in the world. Even H?itler. Even Hitler. Maybe not. But definitely me in the 1980s. Last week Donald Trump made his 2nd visit to Europe. # […]