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Pattaya Redux

“Have you lost your Pattaya fever?” My friend Chas asked in his air-conditioned office on Sukhumvit Road last January. He had been a resident here for over 20 years. His internet service company was doing well, despite the current economic downturn. His wife had cut her hair. The boyish coif was very attractive. He was […]

The Flesh Is Weak

Spike was a Tasmanian demolition mining expert. Three months of the year the stubby-legged gremlin put down the nitro, TNT, and cordite for a drinking holiday in Pattaya. Mining by explosion was a rough line of work and Spike’s charms were few to the eye. Short, loud, brash, and drunk fit a polite description of […]

Headlines of Pattaya

City officials are constantly announcing clean-ups of Pattaya. Drug busts, gambling raids, crackdowns on bars, and arrests of criminal farangs have garnered the local headlines for years without progress, mostly the small timers are inspired by the truly majestic demeanor of the corrupt elite lining their pockets with kickbacks, bribes, and illegal take-overs. Decent Thais […]

Health Advice For Beer Worshippers

Over the last ten years the Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital on Sukhumvit has expanded east, west, north, and south as well as up into the sky to handle the expanding community of western and Thai retirees making up a greater segment of the resort’s population. One extension had been named the Gra-dai teung sawan or Stairway to […]

No More Oak Beach Inn

Oak Beach was a small marshland community at the end of the Jones Beach Causeway. Access to the tidewater island was strictly by boat. The houses were constructed during the 30s and 40s. Electricity was an option. Across the causeway was the Oak Beach Inn. A large clam shack serving the drunk drivers from everywhere […]