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ROADS OF THE FLYOVER by Peter Nolan Smith [Kindle Edition]

In the Spring of 2009 a British filmmaker asked me to drive him around the Midwest. Brock Dundee was shooting a movie about a famous sculpter’s statues and the artist’s reaction to seeing them long after their completion. Barry didn’t have long to live. Brock and I were friends from the 90s. “I don’t drive […]

ROADS OF THE FLYOVER Part 5 by Peter Nolan Smith

Brock Dundee and I returned to New York. We had no problem with our flight to JFK. The Scotsman stayed a day to see our friend Dannatt put on a show with Eric Mitchell, an infamous B-movie persona. Brock paid me the performance. “I want to get back to London. I hope this helps you […]

ROADS OF THE FLYOVER Part 4 by Peter Nolan Smith

Heading north we passed rivers on the verge of bursting their banks. “Last year Cedar Rapids was inundated by a flood, but we should be all right.” The sky held no promise of rain and the radio weatherman forecasted a pleasant day for Northern Iowa and Miinnesota. I stepped on the gas. Everyone on I-380 […]

ROADS OF THE FLYOVER Part 2 by Peter Nolan Smith

“We have nothing like this in England,” Brock said, as he filmed the Mississippi spreading onto its broad flood plain north of St. Louis. “Is this going to be in your movie?” I hadn’t asked too many questions about his Barry Flanagan project. “You never know what will mean something in a film.” Brock was […]