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The Thai Anti-Midas Touch

One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen IN Pattaya was Ann. Her beauty lasted longer than most of her competition, as if she bathed in the fountain of youth created by contributions of cash and clothing from her countless foreign . The veteran mistress managed these generous farangs like juggler, yet she […]

5 Nos in the City of Yes

Several years back Nick and I were watching the Hotspurs-Arsenal game at the Buffalo Bar. The girls avoided us, as we harangued the TV. Bad language and drinking Chang Beer. It was the equivalent of Stella Artois. Wifebeater beer. Even the bargirls at the Buffalo knew enough to keep their distance. Nick was reared within […]

GO GO Safety

My cousin Sherrie performed exotic dances around the world. Her skill with a firepole was legendary and a smile graced her face through every routine before a devoted audience smitten with a drool factor of 10. Sharon was their goddess, but even goddesses feel pain. No one saw her grimace upon getting backstage or heard […]