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Jan. 2, 2007 Going Home

It was still dark yesterday morning, when my wife terminated her holiday stay in Pattaya. She packed the car with my daughter, my adopted niece, her sister, my dog, and about three weeks of food whch would be comsumed during the five our journey to Ban Nok outside of Chai-nat. Nu was no longer angry. […]

The Thai Anti-Midas Touch

One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in Pattaya was Ann. Her beauty lasted longer than most, as she bathed in the fountain of youth created by her countless sponsorsí generous donation of cash and clothing. The veteran mistress managed these farangs with the skill of a circus juggler yet she was […]

Ear Nest For Insects

Earwigs exist in almost every part of the world and the myth of their laying eggs in a human ear has survived all explanations to the contrary, although my most recent ear infection had my Thai neighbors telling stories about up-country relatives going to the hospital to discover a nest of insects gnawing at their […]

The ultimate sick-buffalo story

May 14 2004 www.mangosauce.com stopped publishing new entries in 2007. Its wit and poignant insights of Thai life were invaluable to farangs and still are appreciated by long-time fans such as myself. Non morituri te salutant. or ‘those who are not about to die salute you’. I love Latin. May 14 2004 Mango Sauce reader […]

Coming back from Up-Country

My wife drove the car onto the ferry across the Chao Phyra River. I was leaving behind Ban Nam Poo. My wife was staying behind at her mother’s farm. I wish I could. The living is easy, despite the complaints of sick buffalo and no money. Everyone eats. Everyone drinks lao ie the men. The […]