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Thai Mai Thai

My family first came to Thailand in the 19th Century. Great Grand-Aunt Bert arrived in Bangkok on a clipper ship. Her father was the captain. The year was probably 1879, but on her 100th birthday she recounted seeing a city of golden temples surrounded by a jungle. “And all the women had black teeth from […]

Laughing Fire

She smiles like she just burned a mortgage-ridden house. insured to the hilt. Take that you filthy bankers. Burn Baby Burn.

Firebomb Revenge

On Saturday, November 28, 1942 the powerful Boston College football team played Holy Cross College at Fenway Park. In a great upset of that period, Holy Cross beat Boston College by a score of 55-12. College bowl game scouts had attended the game in order to offer the Eagles a bid to the 1943 Sugar […]

Fire Fire Fire

It’s cold outside. 23F. Yesterday was even colder. 10F. I wish I had a fireplace. I dream of fires. Fires of any kind. They keep you warm in the cold. And afterward all that’s left is ashes in the winter wind.