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The Voice of the People

Thai people rarely speak to foreigners about the problem of the rich against the poor. They avoid the subject amongst themselves, for any inappropriate comment might be seen as a threat against the status quo. The elite or khon yai don’t appreciate criticism and countless activists, justice seekers, and poor people with a grievance have […]

The Dead Tell the Truth

I’ve never fired a gun in anger. My violence takes form in fists and bats. Living in Thailand was a lesson in patience. For all their smiles the Thais are seething with a murderous streak awaiting the right opportunity to cut close and this last week during a confrontation with red-shirt protesters, an exchange of […]

Our Army Likes to Party

Anti-temperance zealots were dismayed to discover that NASA astronauts routinely blasted off from Cape Kennedy in a state of inebriation. This need for self-medication should come as no surprise, since no sane or sober person would sit atop a million gallons of highly explosive fuel to attain orbit in Space. Do-gooders have imposed a zero-alcohol […]