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Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929 In Atlanta Georgia. The pacifistic preacher would have been 89 today, if he had not been assassinated in Memphis, where he had spoken out for striking black teamsters at the Mason Temple. His prophetic words survive today. “And then I got to Memphis. And some began […]

Mormon Mia Nois

Thais like to think that prostitution didn’t exist within their borders until its introduction by the Chinese, however the country since time immemorial has fiercely upheld the tradition of mia yai / mia noi or big wife / small wife. This form of bigamy is widely accepted in all levels of society from kings to […]

Weenies of Arizona

Arizona’s senate race sloshed into the sun-dried gutter with JD Hayworth’s poster depicting John McCain as an extra in the blockbuster film AVATAR with the banner Nominee for Best Conservative Actor under the photo. The senator’s re-election staff asked for the Hayworth campaign to withdraw the ad, however his spokesperson flatly refused to take such […]

Gun and Booze ala Cat Ballou

Driving across country in the 70s was a rite of passage for hippie late-comers. Boston – Frisco could be driven in less than 50 hours, but a week on the backroads felt more like Kerouac’s ON THE ROAD. In 1974 my good friend Andy, a flaxen blonde coed from Harvard and I motored west in […]

Full Speed Ahead

England is the most surveilled country in the world. Video cameras record almost all outside activity in hopes of controlling an unruly populace. The result of these decades of Orwellian voyeurism is that nothing has changed in the crime rates, but that people will do stupid things even if someone is watching. The USA during […]