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Making An Entrance

Area on Hudson was one of New York’s most popular nightclubs in the 80s. Every night hundreds of people waited beyond the velvet ropes for entrance. Admission wasn’t a given. But in this photo the baldish man in the foreground was headed to the bar to order a cognac and coke. It was his drink. […]


Last month Area held a re-union party to celebrate the lives of the club-goers. I skipped the event to babysit my landlord’s two children. Area wasn’t really my scene. I was living in Paris throughout its heyday. The doorman Joe Breeze couldn’t stand me, but the bouncers were part of my crew. I entered without […]

Sleeping Beauty

The actress Tilda Swinton has been scheduled to sleep in a glass box at Mew York’s Museum of Modern Art throughout the month as a performance called THE MAYBE. Museum goers enjoy the spectacle of celebrity within arm’s length, but the talented Ann Magnuson related her sleeping beauty story at Area in 1983. “Eric Goode […]