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Amok with Friends

Facebook has brought me closer to many of my old friends. Some connections re-affirm the reasons for our friendship and other online rendezvouses strengthen the rationale for cutting off ties with people. I only resume relationship with old comrades, however several peripheral FB ‘friends’ are less restrictive with their amity. A U of GA dropout […]

Peter Nolan Smith – CLUB 57 Reading @ MoMA 2/8/2018

Peter Nolan Smith Reading – CLUB 57 READING AT MoMA February 8, 2018 4PM at the CLUB 57 Exhibition at MoMA 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019 Readings by Peter Nolan Smith with friends; Ann Magnuson, Willem Dafoe, and Larry Fleischman Fotos by Anthony Scibelli, Peter Nolan Smith, and Kim Davis Video by […]

Thanksgiving 1978 From My Journal

Thanksgiving 1978 was spent at our Easts Village apartment; Ann, Kim, Bobbie, Andy Reese, and Grant. I ended up dropping LSD with Bill Yusk. The first hit was weak and I dropped another tab. Still nothing and I drank wine with Ann and Kim. Two hours later I was drunk and the LSD hit hard. […]

Sleeping Beauty

The actress Tilda Swinton has been scheduled to sleep in a glass box at Mew York’s Museum of Modern Art throughout the month as a performance called THE MAYBE. Museum goers enjoy the spectacle of celebrity within arm’s length, but the talented Ann Magnuson related her sleeping beauty story at Area in 1983. “Eric Goode […]