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World’s Worst Road

An article from Travelling Board ranked the most dangerous roads in the world. http://travellingboard.net/travel-guides/the-most-dangerous-roads-in-the-world/ The winner was the ‘Road of Death’ or North Yungas Road in in Bolivia. The winding mountain ‘highway’ covers about 70 km. through the Bolivian Andes from La Paz to Coroico. Heavily traveled the route reaps from 100-200 souls every year. […]

ROUGH ROAD by Peter Nolan Smith

Peru sucked in 1995. The capitol city Lima sucked even more. I had spent the better part of two days trying to score a bag of cocaine. The airport police had fingered me as a user. They weren’t wrong. An undercover squad had tailed my ventures into the slums. Their obvious presence had scared off […]