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Hello It’s Me

The train tracks from Boston to New York were laid through the western pine barrens of Rhode Island in the 19th Century. The pine forests grow on deep sand deposits left over from the glacial melting of the Ice Age. This desolate region has resisted civilization, however on a winter afternoon in 1979 I was […]

Amtrak Pepsi Crisis

Every civilized country in the world subsidizes its rail system, however the USA had decided that the federally-owned railroad must turn a profit in accordance with the rules of capitalism and this year alone Amtrak lost $84.5 million on its food service which charges $2 for a $.50 can of Pepsi. Yesterday a Florida representative […]

You Ain’t Going Nowhere

China unveiled its newest technological achievement; a maglev train connecting Wuhan to the southern city of Guangzhou. The cost of the project was a staggering $14.6 billion or about one month of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Communist nation is planning another 10,000 miles of these high speed lines to be completed within […]