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The Attack Of The Grinch

The Trump tax plan has overhauled the code largely in favor of the filthy rich. None of his supporters have criticized this Christmas gift to the top .01%. Everyone wants to be a billionaire and hope for a miracle to raise them from swamp of the middle class, but as I’ve always said, “There are […]

No More Mr. Nice Guy

The short-time bars of Soi 6 and go-go bars of Walking Street are not the only tourist attractions of Pattaya. Farangs and Thais travel down from Bangkok to lounge on the beach, dine at the thousands of restaurants, shop at street markets, and take in the sights. Several years ago Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks promoted its […]

Sawadee Adolf

Mel Brooks 1968 comedy THE PRODUCERS centers its plot of two crooked theater impresarios attempting to bilk investors by staging a musical called SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER: A Gay Romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden. The play opens with a dance number complete with goose-stepping Nazis. The audience reacts with jaw-dropping shock, but to their […]