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Ma’We and JM – Illasit, Kenya

Ma’we and JM have been hiking through the Tsaavo Plains since 1989. Both were teachers training the Kenyan army through the auspices of Outward Bound. The two men have been accompanying the Kili Initiative teams for over a decade. Neither thought they would be friends at first, but friends they are. To hear their tale, […]

Batten Down The Hatches

Hurricane Dorian is predicted to hit the Bahamas as a category 5 storm on Sunday. Houses on those low islands are required with be built to withstand 120mph winds. Dorian might top the record with 200 MPH cyclonic gusts. Donald Trump has tweeter that the hurricane with will catastrophic and headed to his Virginia Golf […]

No More Ice – Stanley Cup Final

In January the St Louis Blues were the worst team in the NHL. Tonight they beat the Boston Bruins at home in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup. A second goal with 7 seconds left in the first period basically sealed the fate of the home team dashing my hopes for victory. Their rookie […]

What Snow?

The US Meteorological Survey has reported that New York City received a little over twenty inches of snow this winter. All I saw were a few dustings, then again throughout February I was in Kenya and Tanzania. Snow topped Mount Kilimanjaro and some days ran down the slopes, however the equatorial sun melted the snow […]

Two Weeks And Counting

The US Federal Government shut down has entered its third week. Parks and Federal offices have been closed, over 380,000 federal employees have been furloughed and more than 420,000, such as the TSA and the Coast Guard are working without pay because Congress and the White House have not funded their agencies due to Trump’s […]