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RFK in 2020

Now more than ever. To hear the next president of the USA speak, please go to this URL

89th Academy Awards

Everyone in the Arts dreams about the Oscars. Actors, directors, producers, actresses, writers, musicians, make-up artists, cinematographers, costumers et al. I know I’m leaving out someone, but who doesn’t in an Academy Awards acceptance speech. Even I once held such dreams, but tonight I’ll be watching the Boston Celtics versus Detroit. I have no dreams […]

Tears Of Kusama – Modern Musee In Stockholm

This week in Stockholm Modern Musee Yayoi Kusama exhibited a collection of works from 2009 to the present. At the opening of her show the 87 year-old painter said, ” “My life has been polished by art” and wept. A great artiste.

A Message To Hillary

My letter to Hillary Clinton Congratulations on your nomination. I am a 64 year-old white male registered as an independent. I live in new york city, which should overwhemingly support your campaign to be president. My women friends are firmly behind you. “I want to see a woman elected president before i die.” I supported […]

Bernie Wins NH

Senator McGovern won one state and the District of Columbia in 1972. Massachusetts. A journalist asked a Bostonian why the North Dakotan had carried the Bay State against the Richard Nixon tsunami and the townie said, “As a Bostonian we know a crook, when we see one.” And we know what is right too. Go […]