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Dead Presidents For Dead Man’s Art

A reporter once asked Andy Warhol his opinion about art. The pop icon answered without hesitation. “It’s a nice name for a man.” Warhol has been dead for years, yet his paintings made up 17% of auction sales of contemporary art in 2010. Millions upon millions for his foundation and friends. Proving that while you […]

MUDD CLUB Reunion Highlights

Thirty years later the Mudd Club lives if only for one night To see a little of that momentuous evening pleace go to this URL

Just A Little Talk

Last night the Big Four of the Celtics ran out of gas. The pre-season games, 82 regular season games, and four grueling playoff series let the future hall-of-famers gasping for breath in the 3rd period. Playing in the Lakers’ house didn’t help their cause. Kobe got an early birthday gift in a 3-point shooting foul. […]

Game 7 Celtics versus Lakers 2010

Tomorrow night the Lakers and Celtics meet at the Forum for the final game of the 2009-2010 season. This rivalry dates back to the 1959 sweep of the Boston Celtics over the then Minneapolis Lakers. While the championships for the Celtics and Lakers respectively number 17 and 15, the actual head-to-head has been dominated by […]

The Voice of the People

Thai people rarely speak to foreigners about the problem of the rich against the poor. They avoid the subject amongst themselves, for any inappropriate comment might be seen as a threat against the status quo. The elite or khon yai don’t appreciate criticism and countless activists, justice seekers, and poor people with a grievance have […]