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My Son Fenway – Age 1

Two Places at One Time

I have two wives in Thailand. Two kids too. One with each woman. This situation was manageable over the last years, since I was in New York and they were in Thailand. My predicament became more convoluted whenever I flew to Bangkok. I would have to be two places at once and these two places […]

The Best Of Days

Every Tuesday morning Earl flew into New York from Boston for meetings at his investment firm’s main office. Traffic on the highway from the airport was lighter than the previous month. A telling sign of the failing economy. No wait at the Midtown Tunnel’s tollbooths was another. The drive to 57th Street and Madison Avenue […]

The Wonders Of The Clitoris

Man has crossed deserts without water. He had sailed the seas without charts. Somehow Man has found where he was going without ever admitting he’s lost. Man’s greatest failure of discovery has not occurred on Earth or in Space, but his inability to find a woman’s clitoris during sex. # 1 the bud over a […]

Polar Flight Seat #60A

Seat 60A in a window. I slept most of the journey over the pole, waking occasionally to peer out the 777’s porthole. Below was the long Arctic night and overhead five stars were visible through the pitted flexi-glass. Virgin was offering a real Space voyage to intrepid ‘astronauts’. $200,000 to ride Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin […]