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Journal Entry – June 21, 1977 – Park Slope – Brooklyn

Throughout the night David the super of Berkeley Place played Got to Give It Up (Part 1) by Marvin Gaye over and over again very loud. James rolled into the apartment at 8 and pounded on Hazel’s wall and the ceiling above his room. “Shut that shit off.” He put on a tape of the […]

BELMONT FIX by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the late-70s I bet the horses with a friend from CBGBs. Bill Yusk came from Kentucky to study philosophy at NYU, but the long-haired scholar spent the autumn racing season at OTB and Aqueduct instead of attending classes on Kant and Marx. One afternoon he came over to my railroad apartment with the […]

Journal Entry – June 20, 1977

A long gap between entries. I left Boston hitchhiking on the Mass Pike. Libby and I went to the Other Side. The blonde model left with a tranny. I visited my parents, saying nothing about my life. I went over to Brookline to University Road. Hilde was with Dennis, but I was ignorant of her […]

Journal Entry June 11, 1977

I sleep phenomenal lengths of time. 2AM to 1PM My dreams cascade into more dreams. A sign of definite depression. At first I liked the refuge, but I can’t stand wasting so much of the day, taking me further and further from writing and making me a bullshit artist. James Spicer drinks too much has […]

Journal Entry – December 31 1977

The last day of 1977. 365 days. The most important; moving from Boston, Libbie’s rejecting me, Ro’s leaving for hours before I arrived in New York in a semi-stolen car, and staying her no matter what. I was never going back to the Selma of the North. On the 7th Avenue Line I hit bed […]