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Thai Border-Runners – Endangered Species

My passport is thick with Cambodian visa stamps. Prum, Daung and Cham Yeun are the closest border crossings to Pattaya. I know them well. Several of the immigration officers know my face. This ritual of popping over the border to re-new a visa stay for Thailand was easy. Four hour mini-bus ride/ one hour at […]

Persona Grata a Thailand

January 2008 started with my arrest for ‘copyright infringement’ by the Thai police from the cyber-crime division. The commander told me not to worry about anything, despite the national TV presenting this arrest as a major blow against intellectual piracy. 20,000 shirts and $250,000. None of it mine. I was guilty of possessing 20 shirts, […]

Visa Runner Doom

Nothing unsettles an illegal alien more than the closing of a visa loophole and the Thai Immigration Service seems dedicated to terminating the border runs to Burma, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos. These trips have been in existence for as long as I’ve been coming to Thailand and ceased to be any of my concern once […]

Thai Crackdown on Unwanted Farangs

Phuket City instituted a new computer program desinged to track undesirable foreigners in that tourist town and Immigration officials vowed to utilize these advances to restore confidence in the nation. “This is a year of investment for Thailand.” The General declared unaware that the global economy is in the shitter. “We need to identify potential […]

China Says Go Home Dabizi

For years farang residents in Thailand have dealt with the ever-changing kaleidescope of immigration restrictions; most recently the elimination of the eternal tourist visa border run, however their seemingly anti-farang sentiment is much more liberal than the Celestial Empire to the north, for while China will welcome of horde of big-nosed barbarians for the Summer […]