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Route 66 – Charles Brown

Full moon. A gulfstream slipping into the sky. Clipping a cloud. The silence of Round Hill Road. The mutter of a highway in the distance. Cars going nowhere, but nowhere is a destination for yesteday, today,and tomorrow. Sadly no one listens to Charles Brown.

Rolling Rocks Into The Grand Canyon

Back in August 1972 I attempted to reach the bottom from the South Rim. My friend and I left the south rim at 7am. We had two full canteen. Nick and I ran out of water around Skeleton Point. The Colorado looked so inviting, but we were parched by the summer sun and quit our […]


The weather along Montana’s Continental Divide shifted from summer to fall to winter in late-August of 1972. My college friend Ptrov and I were bound for Boston to start our second year of university and we crashed a night with a trio of carpenter gypsies constructing a rest stop on the new interstate. Bulldozers had […]

Wind River Mountains 1998

Wind River Mountains 1998 In the Spring of 1998 my 78 year-old father and I embarked on a road trip through Wyoming and Montana. We picked up a rented car in Bozeman, Montana and stopped the first night in Chico Hot Springs. The next morning the two of us continued down Paradise Valley to Yellowstone […]

GOING WEST by Peter Nolan Smith

Several years ago week my young nephew left Boston to drive to California. A good friend was accompanying Franka on his cross-country trip. Knowing the highways of America from coast to coast,I called to offer advice on a route. “We’re first driving to Pittsburgh to see my grandmother.” Zsa Zsa was in a nursing home […]