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November 28, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

Alice is busy with the play again. Two dates at Irving Plaza scheduled for December and I have been employed as the bouncer. That’s all I am good for thanks to my wicked smile and speedy fists. Alice’s only reason to be with me is as her protector, but never her pimp, although she denies […]

CBGBs Pinball 1978 VDO

Throughout the late 1970s I stood at the front of CBGBs for the Contortions, Damned, and the Voidoids. Afterwards I drank beer and play pinball at the back of the club. I was never friends with the big names. The bartenders were my friends, the doorman with the yellow construction helmet let me in for […]

October 11, 1978 Journal Entry – East Village

I woke early for a change. The clock said the time was 7:19. Alice is asleep after a long night at CBGBs. I nuzzled her neck. She mumbled, “Not now.” “I’m going out to eat.” My usual breakfast was a coffee and bagel at Veselka, but I dress thinking maybe someone from the scene was […]


An incredible quadruple Gemini birthday party at Kim and Kyle Davis’ apartment on Bleecker Street. Sean Hausman, Eric Goode, and Kim had hung blue and white balloons overhead. They plastered xeroxed fotos of the four natal celebrants on the wall and illuminated the living room with a modulating blue lights. Punk and funk music. Beer […]

FIGHTING FOR WHAT by Peter Nolan Smith

Everything happened quick in CBGB’s subterranean toilets. The release of body waste was rivaled by magic-markering a band’s name atop the thousands of previous honorees in the toilet’s hall of fame and while the inhalation of cocaine or heroin in the stalls was more popular than shooting up dope or speedballs, sex within the battered […]