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MAYBE TOMORROW Chapter 5 by Peter Nolan Smith

Nightlife on Bleecker Street panned out after the Village Vanguard. Sean gazed out the taxi’s window at the forlorn sidewalk grilled yellow by cruel chrome streetlights. This was how New York looked unprotected by the eyes of love and he turned to Johnny. “Are we there yet?” “Almost.” Johnny slapped on the plastic divider. “Stop [...]

Ramones – California Sun 1976

I was walking down the Bowery in 1976. I heard a band playing a breakneck version of CALIFORNIA SUN from inside a white-stuccoed bar. I walked inside, paid my admission, and walked to the stage, mesmerized by the leather-jacketed quartet. In less than a minute I was hooked by the Ramones and still am to [...]


Several years ago I went to a Nan Goldin show at the Whitney Museum with a Park Avenue divorcee. Claudia came from a good Philadelphia famiily and the black and white photos were a shock to her upper-class sensibilities. “These people look so tragic.” Her assessment of Nan Goldin’s subjects was true, but I knew [...]

Richard’s Ride

Back in the 90s I ran into Richard Hell in the West Village. He was getting into a purple Barracuda. Cynthia Sley from the Bush Tetras was wowed by the car. Me too. It was very cool and he was a legend. Just listen to BLANK GENERATION


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