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Most Dangerous Drivers in Pattaya

I’ve been traveling in Asia over 16 years and have survived a head-on motorcycle crash along the Burma border, a mudslide in Sulawesi, and the chaos of Bangkok traffic. My scariest drive in Thailand was during a blinding rainstorm through the Khao Yai Mountains. Insects smashed into the windscreen and the wipers smeared their bodies […]


Several years ago my future ex-wife’s brother-in-law received a phone call from his brother. Bok and his son were in the hospital. They had had a motorsai accident. My future ex-wife hung up the phone. “Neither of them are dead?” I asked in Thai “No.” This was good news. Bok and his son Beer were […]

Mini-Bikes Are Fun

“Mini-bikes are like fat girls a lot of fun to drive, until one of your friends see you on one.” – old biker adage. I disagree. Fat girls are fun all the time, but I prefer mopeds.