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Repentance Of Guilt

Repenting for the sins of others is a crime against the innocent. – James Steele Yesterday the Middle East Media Research Institute or MEMRI released a three year-old video of Mohammed Morsi, then-Muslim Brotherhood leader and the present Egyptian President pitching defiant Anti-Zionist talking points on several unidentified TV broadcasts. Under siege by the GOP […]

The Freedom of No Speech

Moses led his people out of Egypt without a map. The distance from the Nile to Palestine was a ten day walk, yet the prophet wandered through the eastern deserts for forty years. Like all men he wasn’t willing to admit that he was fucking lost and neither are the Zionists of the occupied territories […]

All The News; Ralph Jawad

Ralph’s deli has re-opened on Lafayette Avenue, even the owner remains on Riker’s Island on drug and gun charges by the ‘alleged’ NYPD. Today the NY Times reported on the Thursday raid netting two guns, a pound of weed, and ‘supposedly’ several hundred prescription pills. Their reporter and blogger, J. DAVID GOODMAN, wrote ‘all the […]

News In America

TV News in America is basically controlled by six corporations; ABC, CBS News, CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, NBC News. The print media is dominated by the New York Times Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. Opinion radio is another factor in shaping the perception of the truth, but for the […]

2000 Plus

Tonight Texas is playing Tennessee for a berth in the Little League World Series. The crowd at Willamsport, PA is about 5000. I was watching the game this evening with my landlord’s two kids. The score was 0-0 in the 2nd inning. ESPN showed happy faces eating hot dogs and slupring slush. There was no […]