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Banned From The World

When I was a young boy, my greatest desire was to travel the world. In the early 1970s I hitchhiked across the USA east to west and north to south. 1978 I arrived in London during the punk era After Viktor Malenski was murdered on West 24th Street, I escaped Reagan’s America to live in […]

Top 3 Mothers Day Songs

I’LL ALWAYS LOVE MY MOTHER – The Intruders MAMA TRIED – Merle Haggard DEAR MAMA – 2 Pac

Pygmalion 2020

In May 2019 Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko announced his engagement to a sex doll-figure named Margo. His fan base was surprised by this news, but this world allows freedom to new concepts as long as they don’t involve humans. The next step will be robots. Like Darryl Hannah in Ridley Scott’s BLADERUNNER. Stunning. A revolutionary. […]

WHEN FAT MEN FLY by Peter Nolan Smith Chapter 2

Two days before New Year’s Eve Sookie and Marie arrived at Wayne’s house. The two girls wore matching white leather jackets, mini-skirts, knee-high boots, and turtleneck sweater. They were excited about their first trip to the big city and Marie asked Wayne’s mom, “Do we look like sisters?” “Like Eva and Zsa-Zsa Gabor.” Wayne’s mom […]


The director Blake Edwards passed away in late December 2011. His greatest hits were BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S, 10, and VICTORIA VICTORIA. Fame fled him in the 80s, but his star rose on Broadway with the success of a musical version of VICTORIA VICTORIA. My cousin was Julie Andrews’ understudy. Tara got to perform the leading […]