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The Cost of Happiness

Happiness is relative. Most people think rich people are happy. I have lived in Palm Beach and Duchess County. Their wealth is no guarantee of happiness. Wives run away with brothers, husbands are murdered in a jealous rage, children are abandoned at birth. Very much like Thai soap operas, however listening to high society moan […]

We Are Those Closest To Us

The other day my four year-old son and I were train-spotting on the bridge over the Siracha-Laem Chabang railway. A long freight train passed beneath us. After the caboose disappeared from sight I spit onto the tracks. Fenway followed my lead and spat a gob of drool into the air. He laughed with glee. Like […]

Barney Frank Quits

I’m used to being in the minority. I’m a left-handed gay Jew. I’ve never felt, automatically, a member of any majority. – Barney Frank, Massachusetts Congressman Old Barney is calling it quits in the Congress after twenty years of service for 4th Congressional District. Barney Frank defended the Combat Zone, was pro-Choice, backed reparations for […]

Gesamtkunstwerk Macht Frei

The German word Gesamtkunstwerk is defined as the ideal work of art. Last night I arrived from Charleroi and immediately changed into a suit to attend a Chamber Music concert at the Luxembourg Theater. Annie Sofie von Otter was singing a series of song written by the inmates of Theresienstadt. The Nazis under SS Doktor […]

John Lennon 70 Years Old If Not a Day

Saturday would have been 70 this weekend. Mark David Chapman killed the ex-Beatle in front of the Dakota on Manhattan’s Uppper West Side to answer his obssession with JD Salinger’s THE CATCHER IN THE RYE. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. His latest parole hearing ended with a denial of his freedom. Yoko Ono, John’s […]