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John Cooper Clarke – National Trust

In Vino Veritas or Oblivio

Back in the summer of 1985 I resided on the grounds of Osbourne House, Victoria’s palace on the Solent. I shared a cottage with Vonelli, a retired CIA agent. His cover was that he was an art dealer. No one believed the native Floridian, but the hotel was a special place and attracted special people. […]

Dreams of Fast Cars

I am planning a trip to Thailand. My English friends have called with a request to break the JFK-Bangkok flight with a JFK-Heathrow landing. I love them all, but unfortunately for the Limeys I missed my children too much to deviate from my flight plans, although last night a dream transported my unconsciousness wish to […]


Not everyone is cut out to be a drinker. It’s an exacting devotion. Appreciation and dedication are not to be found at TGIFs or mall beer joints, unless the serious drinker has no other choice, since everyone knows that drinking alone is a serious indication of alcoholism. As long as there’s one other living person […]

Free Frank From Murmansk

In January 2012 Frank Hewetson and I raced in Hampstead Heath. 50 yards. The Greenpeace activist leader beat me by a foot. “Barely.” I crowed, since Frank was 42 to my 59. “But I spent the last two months in a Greenland prison.” He had been arrested by Danish police for storming onto an Arctic […]