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Neigh For Horses

Horses have been worshipped by Man, but also hunted as a food source since the Paleolithic Era. Upon my arrival in Paris I was surprised by the number of butchers offering ‘cheval’, which has been a part of the French culinary history since the Revolution. The Haute Bourgeoisie regarded horse as a meal for the [...]

DARK ALLEY by Peter Nolan Smith

Not many alleys in America survived the urban renewal of the 60s and 70s, because most cities eradicated these curious traces of Indian trails and cowpaths as a danger to the public safety. Liberty Place used to be Little Green Street, Coenties Lane ran to the East River, and the infamous Mudd Club was located [...]

Boxing Day England

Boxing Day has been a strictly English holiday dating back to the Middle Ages when the lower class received hand-outs from their feudal overlords. In early capitalist times the box was clay pot containing the year’s tips for the underclasses from their betters and on December 26 the year’s bonus would be doled out to [...]

In Vino Veritas or Oblivio

Back in the summer of 1985 I resided at a small hotel on the grounds of Osbourne House, Victoria’s palace on the Solent. I shared a cottage with Vonelli, a retired CIA agent. He said that he was an art dealer. No one believed him, but the hotel was a special place A Danish guest [...]

Her Naked Breasts And My Moobs

The Royal Family of England was outraged by the publication of topless photos of the potential future queen of Britain. No one back in the 1940s would have dared shot HR Princess Elizabeth skindipping at Balmoral Castle. Newspapers respected the Crown back then and now newspapers strived to violate the privacy of the rich and [...]