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Open City declared Peter Nolan Smith an underground punk legend of the 1970s East Village. The New England native spent many years as a nightclub doorman in New York, Paris, London, and Hamburg. The constant traveler has lived for long periods of time in Europe and the Far East. After a forced retirement from the Schmatta trade in Thailand, Peter Nolan Smith returned to New York to work in the international diamond trade. At summer’s end he resumed the life of a writer. The world’s leading leisureologist is currently based in Sri Racha, Thailand, Fort Greene, Brooklyn, and Luxembourg City. He has no address.

Where Is The USA? American is separated from the rest of the world by two oceans and most of my countrymen are completely ignorant of the world beyond our borders. A GPS system can’t help these people find New York or the USA on a map and this inability to identify different nations around the globe was highlighted […]

POP MUSIK by M 1979

This song by Robin Scott under the guise of M topped the Billboard charts in 1979. The video was one of the first to help record sales. Some pop music I love and this is one of them. To see POP MUSIK, please go to following URL

Miss America 2015

Last evening twenty-three year old Manhattanite Kira Kazantsev was crowned Miss America 2015 in Atlantic City. The blonde Hostra graduate performed Pharrell Williams’ pop hit HAPPY keeping beat on a plastic red cup, while seated cross-legged on the stage. See video by going to this URL And this is what passes for talent in America […]

FIRE by Arthur Brown


In the early 1970s Chelsea, Massachusetts on the north bank of the Mystic River was a good example of a failed post-industrial city. Thousands of residents had moved out of the working-class community throughout the 50s and 60s. The opening of the Route 1 North Expressway further deepened the decline and on October 14, 1973 […]