Square S&M / The Castle – Pattaya

Several years back the Castle opened for business across from the Buffalo Bar on Pattaya’s 3rd Road. The dress code was black. I was more interested in drinking beer and sat at the bar, but the Buffalo’s bar girls watched young women exit from the S and M bar at the end of the night to mount new motor-scooters driven by their Thai boyfriends. None of them girls looked none the worse for an evening of hard work.

“2000 baht for 30 minutes.” Tuk told me, then added. “No sex. Only beat man.”

Later that week Nick was sitting with Tuk and he asked me, “What you think happens in there?”

“The usual. Whips, chains, handcuffs, fetish stuff.” I had read on Stickman.com that the Castle was quite a nice place. “Do you want to share them with mates?”

“I don’t see why not?”

Because you don’t want to know what you like.” Pattaya was where place where you indulged your innermost fantasies. Do you want to share those with your mates?”

“If you went there, what would you do?” Nick pointed to a man leaving the Castle, as if he had a plug up his ass.

“I don’t know.”

“You must have some hidden desire?” The Tottenham Spurs fan wasn’t letting me off easy.

“None that I can think of.” It was the truth. My only fantasy was lying in bed with Mam.

“Whipping a nurse?”


“Getting whipped by a nurse?”

“No.” I lifted my finger to stop him, then wracked my brain for an answer. “I’m stumped.”

“No sadistic menage a trois fantasies or masochistic domination wishes?

“No.” My mind was a sexual wasteland.

“That can’t be possible.”

“Sad, but true, I’m a square.” I was shocked by this admission and drove home to Mam in Jomtien. We made love and I felt her belly. We had a baby growing inside her.

I fell asleep in her arms, but two hours I woke with a scream.

“What wrong?” Mam was used to my snores.

Not screams.

“Nothing.” I couldn’t tell her about a dream of S and M Thai girls chasing me around the Castle.

Thai women are very jealous.

even of ghosts in your dreams.

There was only one way to exorcise this monster and a week later I departed the Jomtien apartment in a black shirt and black jeans.

“Who die?” Mam was suspicious.

“No one. I just want to wear black.”

“You look like mafia.”

“Thanks.” I kissed her. “I’ll be back early.”

“I wait you.” Mam knew once I had two beers, that I wasn’t going to fool around and I had already finished two Leos.

I rode my Vespa over to 3rd Road and parked two hundred years from the Castle. I didn’t want anyone from the Buffalo Bar seeing me enter the S and M establishment.

Stickman?had warned that the Castle?wasn’t cheap.

Anything went there as long as there was no blood, so?1000 baht an hour?was a bargain, especially since back in the USA a good dominatrix could charge a $1000/HR.

Darkness was my friend and I touched my wallet. I had 5000 baht on me, however the security guards from the Buffalo spotted me. “Pai ngai?”

I pointed inside and they shouted out ‘good luck’.

I opened the door. The bar was dimly lit with receding settees. The girls lounged at the bar. One set were vinyl dominatrixes, another slave girls in school uniforms, and lingerie-clad submissives.

On stage a stocky dyke in black vinyl dripped hot wax onto her farang victim. His screams of pain sounded real.

The matronly mama-san came to my table and explained the rates as well as the options.

“Drink with lady 250 baht. One hour with lady 3000 baht. Extra cost more. Up to you.”

“If you want longer, girl can take it.” The mama-san was proud of her girls. “Most farang come here English, German, Kohn Nippon. Khon Nippon like tie up girl and then whip her. German like sick thing and England man like spanking. What America like?” 

I had the money and the time, yet no idea what I wanted from a woman who would do anything. “I don’t know.”

“You not know? Ask what you want.”

I was about to repeat my previous answer, when a big-breasted dominatrix in black leather emerged from the back room leading a fat German by a chain. Her hair was cut like Betty Page and she was no stranger, for I had been admiring Cochise for the past three years.

She had a vicious French boyfriend.

Yves was a pimp from Marseilles.

He had recently been recently deported from Thailand for selling phony credit cards.

“You like Cochise?”

“Maybe.” I wasn’t willing to admit yes.

I’ll get her for you.” The madam gestured to the hardened pro.

Cochise freed the German and then kneeled before the mama-san to kiss her boots. She looked up at me and I whispered my request to the mama-san.

“She never slave.”

“I don’t want her to be a taa-see.If she says no, then it’s no, but ask her.”

I gave her a purple bill.

500 baht got the mama-san to tell Cochise my request. 

Cochise nodded yes and sat by my side.

Her skin smelled of unwanted sex.

“I see you before. At Welkom Inn.” She leaned over to touch my thigh

“I saw you there too.”

A lady drink arrived at the table and Cochise sighed five seconds, ”I not slave.”

“Me too.” I wasn’t so sure that Cochise was telling the truth, since I had seen her sporting black eyes from her Froggie boyfiend, then again that was love and this was commerce.

“So what you want to do?”

“Chain you and have sex.” The couple on stage had moved onto a paddling. The smacks ringed in my ears. I didn’t want to hurt anyone.

“No whips.”

Cochise nodded her agreement.

“Only one hour. 3000 baht. Have customer come later. He slave. Easy work. You maybe not easy. Maybe you do before.”

Cochise signaled to the mama-san she was heading out back.

“Maybe you want other girl.”

“Want you only.”

Barg wan.” She walked down a small corridor into a white room. Chains hung on the wall. The cuffs were leather.

“No sweet talking. The truth.” I wanted her but only really like this.

She stripped off her leather. Her breasts and small nipples. She was also not really a woman, but a ladyboy. She kept hiding the truth.

“You can be master now.” Cochise kneeled on the floor. Her hair hung over her face. Her pose and the darkness of the room transported us back 100 years when most Thais were slaves. Royalty could do with kee kao or slaves as they liked. For an hour or two I could do the same and that’s the beauty of the Castle, except I wasn’t into it.

“What wrong?”

“I can’t do it.” Mam was in my mind. I had never cheated on her

“You love your lady.” Her laugh was a whip.

“Chai.” I gave Cochise her money. She waii-ed respectfully and said, “Maybe lucky can be your slave again or mistress.”

She slapped my ass with a strength born of a rebel.

Two minutes later I left the castle and walked over to the Buffalo.

All the girls wanted to know. “Khun penh taat reu naii?”

Master or slave?

Tuk most of all.

Kwam lap.” No one needed to know my secret.

Khun penh ajaan sadeet.” A bargirl accused me of being a sadistic teacher.

“Not even close.” I had realized her fantasy. Then again Tuk played a lot of roles for farangs.

I bought her a drink and a gin-tonic for me.

After three Cochise was out of my mind, but not 100% gone until I got back to Mam.

I was her slave and she was the mother of my baby, which meant I really was a square, but if you’re looking for something a little different, visit the Castle. It ain’t cheap, so bring cash since they don’t accept Visa.


1-year membership for 15,000 baht


900 baht entrance fee includes one drink.

Next drinks 300 baht

Bottle 7000 baht includes mixers

MEMBERS get 50% off

Lady Drinks – 250 baht

Dress code - black shirt required.

Hours 5:30 till closing.

Website http://www.the-castle-pattaya.com


visit their website


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