Trouville France – 1985

In the summer of 1985 Candida and I took the train to Deauville for a vacation from Paris went to Deauville with Candida. Deauville itself was out of our budget, so we stayed in the neighboring town, Trouville of ‘city of a hole’. Te weather was pleasant and we might have gone swimming during the day. The first night I intended on taking my girlfriend to Les Vapeurs, except the famed seafood restaurant was closed, so we went to another eaterie. I ordered a bottle of Sancerre to start and something other than sole for my main course. The raiee au beure noire was abominable and I sent it back. The cook came out and insulted me as an ignorant American. The waiters took his back. He might have been right, but I stood up, told Candida to leave, and then picked up a fork, asking ,”Oui veux perde un ?il?”

The threat was made in Boston-accented French.

The answer was silence.

I dropped 200 francs for the bottle of wine and carried it outside.

Out on the foggy street Candida asked, “So now where do we eat?”

We had a crepe.

Candida was not happy, but was happier after I got us cups to drink the wine. It was nice to be out of Paris with someone you loved.

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