Statues of Trump

For the final five days of February over a thousand die-hard Conservative White GOP adherents attended the CPAC conference in Orlando, Florida. A large gold-painted fiberglass statue of Trump greeted the conventioneers filing into the Hyatt Regency, creating an instant star for the faithful Despicables. Selfies were free for MAGA supporters.

A California-based artist created the Trump statue and told CNN reporters, “Two years ago, when I saw all those statues of naked Trump and Trump on a toilet, I said, ‘You know what? I can do better.”

Christian devotees worshipped en masse before the ‘Idol’.

The ‘Philanderer’ remains their God/Protector of white rights and various speakers on the stage shaped as a fascist rune claimed victory in the 2020 election.

They love ‘old Fatso’.

Florida governor DeSantis exhorted the hundreds in the hall with a call to arms, “When the left comes after you, will you stay strong? Or will you fall? When you engage in the battles ahead, hold the line. Stand your ground and don’t ever, ever back down.”

The roster of speakers avowed their loyalty to Trump.

The highlight of the lost fest was Trump’s return to the bright lights.

“Do you miss me yet?”

“Who loves you as much as I love you?”

“We are now America last.”

He spared none of his enemies.

Little Dickus strode off the stage to a standing ovation and the Village People’s YMCA.

The ‘Idol’ left to room shortly thereafter with idol worshippers in tow like the Hebrews before the Golden Calf in the desert, while Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Its creator told reporters, “I hope one day it will be in the Trump Library, ignoring the fact that Trump’s only writing exists on Twitter.

Maybe the Trump Blimp can ghost-write something for him.

It’s a long shot, but Trump likes those and teenage golden showers.

And so do his followers, because a god/president can do no wrong.

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