America Now Same As Ever

Today is an important day in the American holiday calendar marking the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., who fought the forces of racism, saying, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Sadly the forces of hatred ended the peacemaker’s life in Memphis. I would like to uphold his path of pacifism, however race hatred in America burns brighter than a KKK cross.

Today I was speaking with a white friend and said, “I have the day off.”

“What? National Nigger Day?”

“What did you just say? You’re Italian and I don’t consider none of you white.”
I was half-Mayflower descendant and 50% Black Irish.


“You better be.” Racism has been a hatred taught to us whites at an early age and later this afternoon I heard a rich white woman saying, “I hate the city. It’s so dirty.”

She wasn’t speaking about the litter, but the filth of the races.

I said nothing, because I was trying to sell her a diamond and the best revenge was to hit her pocketbook.

Money is all the rich have and I try not to hate them or white people, because there’s nothing wrong with taking cash off the rich.

Long live the man of peace and even a dead Martin Luther King Jr. is better company than the filthy rich.

He gave his all for the world.

For everyone.

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