15 Ways to Know That You’re Old School South Shore

1.) You have dove off Shipwreck at the Quincy Quarries and lived to tell the tale without getting a car antenna in your arm.

2.) What about the SS Mayflower at Nantasket Beach?

I had a head-on crash there in 1969.

VW versus a Delta 88 was no contest, but my four passengers and I had walked away from the total wreck.

The driver of the Delta 88 had tried to reach the Mayflower. She had friends in the bar. Someone later told me that it had been a transvestite club. None of them had come out to help us.

3.) The Surf Nantasket was a great dance hall.

Jay and the Techniks were the house band along with the Pilgrims.

5.) The Rocking Ramrods were the best band in Boston.

Watch this URL


6.) Ridge Arena was a great hockey rink, but sucked as a concert hall.

I saw Teddy and the Pandas with the Loving Spoonfuls there.


7.) You can’t wait for winter to be over, so Tony’s on Wollaston Beach will open so you can feast on fried clams.

8.) Big Blue Hill was the highest elevation in your childhood.

9.) You watched a ship launched on the Fore River.

10.) You’ve driven down to Hull to enjoy the majesty of the hurricane battering the sea wall.

11.) You made it from Wollaston to Nantasket in 15 minutes.

On 3A.

12.) HoJos served your favorite ice cream.

13.) Your hometown was founded by Pilgrims.

Their last names are not yours.

They don’t call the South Shore ‘the Irish Riviera’ for nothing.

14.) You recognize Tim Wakefield as the most famous person to ever come from the South Shore.

15.) The Neponset River was a wildest river in your life.

No one knew its source.

None of us asked about its headwaters.

They weren’t located on the South Shore.

May that river run deep forever.

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