The South Shore to Maine – New England – Quinton Sprague and Peter Nolan Smith


At the 169

Willem gives his blessing to our road trip

Peter visits a friend Franny

I drive a rented car to Nantasket


Fried clams at Tony’s on Wollaston Beach

Talk Heroin. More honest than cocaine. Talk about dropping qualludes in the Duxbury cranberry bogs

The old Bay State Colony

The Quincy Quarries ain’t no more. Emerald water is grass surrounded rock cliffs

No one in his family lives in Boston. Route 128 is their home.

Listen to Jonathan Richman’s ROADRUNNER

Head north on 128 to Cape Ann, Gloucester, Rocky Neck

Swim at the Rockpport Quarry.

Peter jumps off the cliff into the water

The police come to investigate our trespass onto private property.

Peter explains he could read the signs because he’s dyslexic and has been swimming here since 1970

“What’s your excuse?” asks the officer.

“I’m with him.”

We leave wet from the leap

Ipswich Beach.

Beautiful sand, but not the quarries.

We stop at the Babylon of the North Shore

Salisbury Beach.

“I did acid here in the winter of 1971.”

“How was it?”


Our only direction was north.

Portsmouth NH

Kittery Maine

York Maine.

My land and lobstahs too.

Tomorrow north to Falmouth and Sebago to hear the myths of weird old man.

Weird old men never get old.

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