FDTrump’s Million MAGA Parade

I’m 68 years old. I have been to every state other than North Dakota and Kentucky, where my fther served in Lexington testing radar-directed 20 mm cannons on B-25. The casualty rate was 20-30% depending on weather. He and I have been to Florida, Virginia, New York, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, and all of New England. Our roots are deep.

During the 2020 election season I told Trump supporters that I possessed the right to vote seven times due to my Mayflower heritage. None of them researched the fallacy of my claim and expressed outrage at this privilege. My Democratic friends were also astounded by this arcane honor.

My Irish grandfather and anamesake was a ward healer for Jamica Plains in Boston and our great mayor James Michael Curley said often, “Vote early and vote often.”

That is politics.

THere is no democracy otherwise there would be no electoral college.

In my lifetime there have been several stolen elections.

All it takes is one county in one state coupled with a little political devilry.

Chicago in 1960 for Kennedy.

The landslide of Nixon in 1972.

Watergate and worst.

In 1980 Reagan’s henchmen convinced Iran’s leaders not to release the US Embassy hostages until his inaugeration.

His reward was his wife giving Sinatra a blowjob in the White House toilet.

Bill Clinton won in 1992 for having helped the CIA traffick cocaine into Fort Chafee, Arkansas and stated the War of Drugs.

George Bush Jr. was awarded the presidency for test cocaine during the Iran-Contra years.

Al Gore lost by less than 600 votes and not a single white democratic congressman protested the closure of the vote count in Palm Beach County.

John Kerry never stood a chance.

Now we are now.

Trump supporters are rejecting the popular vote with cries of fraud.

In the 2016 election there were only four fraudulent votes amongst the hundred votes cast.

Trump called for them to descend on Washington.

8000 showed up.

Not a million.

Even if you can’t count on all your fingers and thumbs.

FDTrump supposedly drove through the crowd on his way to play golf, even though eight thousand loyalists is enough to overthrow a country.

The Bolshevicks ended the rule of the Tsars with three-thousand supporters and a simple slogan – Bread Land Peace.

Sorry, but I’m going golfing doesn’t cut it.

ps The Proud Boys?


Joe Biden won. Deal with it. Heal with it. Let’s get back to eating hot dogs and drinking beer.

My son Fenway loved beer.

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