Fried Chicken Feets

White people don’t eat chicken feet. Ham Hocks or Eisbein might be tasty for Germans and other Aryan races, but chicken feet have never graced the menus of Mickey Ds, although there is no telling what part of the chicken KFC doesn’t use in their nuggets. Chicken feet are for poor people from the Deep South, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. They are even cheaper than offal.

Thai women love ting gai or chicken feet. Cooks fry or boil the feet until the skin, cartilage, and tendons are edible. All classes of Thai people eat chicken feet. Hi-so and Lo-so, claiming ting gai cure aching joints and smooths out wrinkles.

My son’s mother loves them.

The sound of Mam’s sucking on them drives me crazy.

And not in a good way, but love is not only blind but sometimes deaf, if there’s a door in between you.

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